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  1. Tonal felting Wools
    Tonal Felting Wool Packs
    As low as AED 49.00 AED 46.67
  2. SureStitch Merino Wool 50g Packs
    Merino Wool 50g Packs
    As low as AED 36.00 AED 34.29
  3. Merino Wool 100g Packs
    Merino Wool 100g Packs
    As low as AED 62.00 AED 59.05
  4. Colour Themed Felting Wool Packs
    Colour Themed Felting Wool Packs
    As low as AED 164.00 AED 156.19
  5. Combined Merino Wool Colours
    SureStitch Combined Merino Wool Colours
    As low as AED 69.00 AED 65.71
  6. Standard Nylon Net
    Standard Nylon Net
    As low as AED 10.00 AED 9.52
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