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Bordette Poster & Art Paper

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  1. Fadeless Art Paper
    Fadeless Art Paper Extra Wide Rolls
    As low as AED 91.00 AED 86.67
  2. Plain Bordette Packs
    Plain Bordette Packs
    As low as AED 121.00 AED 115.24
  3. Scalloped Bordette
    Scalloped Bordette
    As low as AED 21.00 AED 20.00
  4. Corrugated Bordette
    Corrugated Bordette
    As low as AED 13.00 AED 12.38
  5. Corrugated Bordette Packs
    Corrugated Bordette Assorted Packs
    As low as AED 78.00 AED 74.29
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